The Band Perry, Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham, Scotty McCreery, Kristen Kelly, & Matt Carter

The Band Perry is a family band with siblings Kimberly, Reid, and Neil. I have seen them 5 times in concert. The first time was when they were on tour with Brad Paisley, that was pretty cool! Scotty McCreery came on first, he’s really good too. Then The Band Perry performed before Brad Paisley hit the stage. That was my first concert and it was also my first time meeting the siblings! The Band Perry signed after the concert and boy they get some long lines! It was awesome, especially for it being my first! Although my favorite was when I saw them in August! They can really put on a show.  Kimberly, Reid, and Neil are true showman. So is Charlie Worsham, who was the first to go on. He is awesome! Get this he played “Crazy Train” on a banjo! Yall need to go follow him on twitter, instagram, and like him on facebook! And go buy Charlie Worsham’s “Rubberband” and The Band Perry’s “Pioneer”! Then go check out the other artist that played Kristen Kelly! She is great too! Kristen Kelly signed after she played and so did The Band Perry. They are all really sweet! I can’t leave out this awesome guy that was playing outside the concert for Merle 96.7! Matt Carter is so sweet too! Go check out his facebook page!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Charlie Worsham and I didn’t get a picture with The Band Perry at this concert, but here’s one from their fan club party!

Matt Carter!


Kristen Kelly!


The Band Perry!



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