The Henningsens 11.7.13

Thursday night I got the awesome chance to go see The Henningsens for the 2nd time! They played at The Tin Roof. Cover Me Rad opened up for them and they were great! Go check them out on Facebook! They were so nice!
I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again, Clara, Aaron, & Brian Henningsen are the sweetest people! If there’s one concert you have to go to it’s theirs. And I can’t believe this, they remembered me! They were actually sitting at a table right next to us! We had just sat down and I heard someone say my name and it was Mr. Henningsen! He gave me a hug and we stood there and talked for a while. Clara came up and gave me a hug too! Then they had to go get ready, but before they left Aaron gave me a hug and talked to us for a little too! Then of course we got pictures before they played! And you bet I was upfront and center and singing along while they played! It was the best night ever!
They started the show with “Lemonade”. Then, went on to sing “No”, “All your life”, “Darryl”, “My Parade”, their current single “I Miss You”, “Sitting In An Airport Waiting On A Train”, & “You Lie”. H3 touched everyone’s heart when they told the story of “To Believe”. They finished the show with “American Beautiful” and played the requested song “The Color Red”.
It’s hard to pick a favorite song that they sang because I absolutely loved all of them and they all have different stories that go with them! There were two songs that I haven’t heard before, “Darryl” & “My Parade”, and they were great! “My Parade” was about people raining on your parade! Clara had explained what it was about and had asked if there was anyone that always rained on your parade, she said this as she was pointing at Aaron! Haha they are so funny! Got to love a family band that can kid around with each other! But, if I had to pick a favorite song it would be “Sitting In An Airport Waiting On A Train”! I still have that song stuck in my head! It was great!
The Henningsens actually played at The Ryman Friday night, November 8th, for the first time! Im so happy for them! Go check out their their website!




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