Rodney Atkins 8/30/14

        This Saturday I went to the Rodney Atkins concert that was after boomsday! The concert didn’t start till 10pm.. and I didn’t get home till about 1am, but it was totally worth it! Rodney Atkins puts on one heck of a concert! It was the best concert I have ever been to. Rodney Atkins is so talented and down to earth. He gets you so pumped up! He sang all of his awesome singles, “If You’re Going Through Hell”, “Watching You”, “Farmer’s Daughter”, “It’s America”, “These Are My People”, & “Cleaning This Gun”. I love all of these songs and I’ve grown up listening to them, but my favorite song he sung had to be “Cabin in the Woods” because he brought his wife, Rose Falcon, on stage to sing this song together. It was so cute! If the crowd hadn’t already been in love with them before they sang, they definitely were after the adorable duet! It was so cool when he sang “If You’re Going Through Hell” though, he passed out the microphone to some people in the crowd for them to sing it!
    I used to dream of seeing him in concert and it finally came true! Now, my dream is just to meet him! Haha let’s see if that dream will come true at some point! That concert made my night!
    Yall need to check Rodney Atkins out, if you haven’t already! I think you’ll love him as much as I do!
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