Drake White & the Big Fire 1/6/17

Hey y’all! We braved the snow to go to the Cotton Eyed Joe to see an amazing band. On or off the stage this group of guys are some of the nicest and down to earth guys I have ever met. Drake White & the Big Fire make you feel like you’re apart of the band. This was my second time seeing Mr. White, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to see the whole band. So, the show last night was the best show I’ve ever been to. Between Jonny Molasses on the harmonica and Drake White’s signature strutting and stomping you will fall in love with this band. The “Simple Life” singer travels back in time, taking you to a more simpler time, casting your worries away and feeling the music deep in your soul. There’s something totally different about this band that I just can’t put into words, but you’ll wish their concert would never end.

They have unique sound that sets them apart from the most in the country music scene. You might have heard their singles on the radio; “It Feels Good”, “Livin The Dream”, and “Makin Me Look Good Again”. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and look them up and while you’re at it you can get a copy of their album, Spark!

Check out Drake White & the Big Fire and become a Firestarter (Drake White & the Big Fire Official Fan Club)!






^ Drake White


^Adam Schwind

^Philip Pence

^Jonny Molasses

^Matt McDaniel


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