Charley Woods 3.10.17

One of my favorite venues is Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant. Puckett’s is all over Tennessee. I have only been to their locations in Nashville and Chattanooga. I don’t know that I have ever had a bad experience with this southern style restaurant. Puckett’s has live music just about every night. Like I have said before, I love smaller venues. You learn a lot about a musician that way, plus there’s more of a chance you’ll get to meet them!

Puckett’s Chattanooga is a special place for Charley Woods and her fiance, Justin Lowry. Lowry is also a bass player. He was playing at this Puckett’s last year when he brought Woods up on stage to ask her to marry him. They are definitely one of the cutest couples.

Woods has a more traditional country sound than those on the radio today. The “Half the Girl” singer has a unique sound that sets her apart. She is also such a sweetheart who really cares for her fans.Woods’ songs are ones that everyone, especially women, can relate to. She has a way of putting all of these thoughts and emotions into her lyrics that really reach out and grab you. Songwriting is natural for Charlie Woods.

Charley Woods  @charleywithaney


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