Josh Turner, Morgan Wallen, & Tucker Beathard 11.14.16

A couple of months ago Josh Turner, Morgan Wallen, and Tucker Beathard played a benefit concert for St. Jude. These three guys gathered the largest crowd that venue had seen for a concert. Turner, Wallen and Beathard had fans singing along the whole time.

Josh Turner is a true classic. He has stayed true to himself and his music. Turner’s current single is “Hometown Girl”. I have gotten to see Turner a few times now and he never disappoints.                                                                             

Morgan Wallen and Tucker Beathard are laying their foundations in their music careers. They are making their voices heard and adding their own marks in country music history.

Morgan Wallen was on season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, Team Usher. The “Whiskey Glasses” singer is a Knoxville native, so you know that place was packed. Wallen’s single, “The Way I Talk”, is currently being played on country radio.

Tucker Beathard following his father’s footsteps, a hit songwriter, into the music business. “Momma and Jesus” is Beathard’s current single.


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