Matt Gary: Studio Performance at WIVK 107.7 3.1.17

You learn more than you realize about an artist and the people with him at a small setting especially at a studio performance. The artist can’t hide who he/she really is. Small setting shows are my favorite. I can learn so much about really everyone there. It is up close and personal, some artists can’t pull it off, but others are great at it.

Meet Matt Gary! Matt Gary is a country artist from Kansas City, now living in Nashville. He has been on the road since November doing nonstop¬†studio performances. Gary has a single out right now, “Back”. He’s working on his EP right now. The “It’s On You” singer has a way of making his audience feel like they’re hanging with friends. He is real about who he is and what he does.

I’ve met a lot of artists along with managers. Matt Gary is a cool guy and great artist. Gary’s manager is one of the nicest and most professional I’ve talked to. Then you have Gary’s guitar picker, Jeff Middleton, from New Jersey. Middleton is an awesome guitar player.

“It’s On You” whether or not you listen to this artist, but you will not regret it!

@MattGaryMusic on Twitter and Instagram!

And on iTunes!


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