The Henningsens live at Aurora Nashville 4.5.17

The Henningsens have written numerous songs for artists like The Band Perry and Billy Currington. They released their EP, “American Beautiful”, back in 2013. This past summer they released their first full length album, “World’s On Fire”. The Henningsens are a farm family from Illinois. The trio consists of the patriarch, Brian Henningsen, his son Aaron and daughter Clara. They are some of the most down to earth people you will meet. What you see is what you get with The Henningsens. They stay true to who they are. Their fans mean the world to them and they are not shy about making sure you know that. They will spend all the time they can and then some with their fans. The “Sugar Rush” singers love their fans and they also enjoy playing. “Music is an escape, as soon as you start a show all the worries in the world just seem to go away,” says Clara.

I really like to learn bout people. I like to hear your story and how you’re using your story as a positive impact. It’s why I love country music so much. It is all about stories. The Henningsens have a story behind every song. You could spend all day listening to the stories. The Henningsens go on to say, “We are writing from our experiences, but also from other peoples experiences. We want our fans to be able to interpret it in their own way; to have a little, 3-minute movie playing in their mind.”

Music is something special. It is something that most can relate to and it has an ability to change your mindset. In a world filled with political rampage, a question comes to mind. What role does music play in making our country great again? Aaron said it best when he said, “Music is the little spark that causes a big change.” People are affected and moved by music. “When a culture is shallow, their music will be shallow. Every now and then you need to help start a rival of your culture. It’s not just as simple as patriotism, but things of meaning that a lot of times are sparked by great songs. The spirit of people is affected by music. Music is a reflection, but it is also a driver of it. Sometimes to break out of a cycle of shallowness and nothingness a great song will have to come along,” adds Brian. Like Clara said, music is an escape. An escape that is much needed from time to time.

On Wednesday, The Henningsens played a live streamed show at Aurora Nashville. Aurora is an interactive, small, live streaming venue with new concerts weekly. The shows are hosted by radio personality Storme Warren. Aurora is a great place for connecting with fans.


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