Home Free – Tivoli Theatre Chattanooga 4.15.17

Hey everyone!

Y’all have got to go check out Home Free! Home Free is a country a cappella band. If you don’t know what that means, they do not use any instruments, all sounds are made by the human voice. Home Free consists of the founder Adam Rupp (beatboxer), Rob Lundquist (low tenor), Tim Foust (bass), Austin Brown (high tenor) and Adam Chance (baritone). Home Free won season four of The Sing-Off which aired on NBC in 2013. They have covered songs like the Oak Ridge Boys’ “Elvira” and Michael Ray’s “Think A Little Less”. They encompass the full spectrum of country music and even some pop. Home Free adds their own unique twist on covers, especially with their music videos. They attract fans of every age from everywhere, they have something for everyone. Not to mention they seem like a group of sweet guys who truly care.

They’ve put on one of the best shows I have been to. I am more attracted to artists that speak the truth and treat their fans (and their own people) right. If you cannot do this, in my opinion, you lose respect from fans. Home Free earned my respect. They not only had a great performance, but they were awesome with fans. As if Home Free didn’t already have the audience in the palm of their hands (just by stepping out on stage), the guys had fans drooling for more by the end. They really connect with their fans.

Foust, Rupp, Brown, Chance and Lundquist are so much fun to watch. They have so much fun and enthusiasm that it just spreads to the fans. It really makes a show when it is obvious that the artists love what they are doing and aren’t afraid of showing it. Home Free is a hoot. They don’t take things too seriously, they just have fun and be the jokesters they are. Home Free are the guys that you just want to go hang out with.

Home Free sold out numerous shows on their Spring tour, including the one I attended. Even after a sold out they took the time to sign autographs for everyone. Artists don’t always sign afterwards and it is pretty rare after a sold out show. Fans waited eagerly, staring at a table with five chairs. As five guys ascended the staircase of Tivoli Theatre they were welcomed by a huge group of fans. So, what’s the big deal an autograph line is an autograph line? The difference in their autograph line is that they notice you. They look you straight in your eyes, thank you, smile and make sure you have been seen. It makes a difference.

These five guys just finished up their Spring tour. After a short break, they’re heading across the pond. Home Free will be back in the states around mid- May.

Home Free Vocal Band




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