Frankie Ballard – Jackson Terminal – 5.25.17

“And we all have faith, and we all have hope, But we’re all a little lost in the same damn boat. It’s a helluva life, yeah, it’s a helluva life.” -Frankie Ballard

The more concerts I go to the more I realize what kind of a person the artist is. No matter how many times I have met or seen someone in concert or how close I get with the band, there’s always another sneak peak into their heart. It doesn’t matter how fake you are, at some point or another your true colors will show. There are just some things you cannot fake, you can try, but you can tell when it is genuine.

It is a helluva life, so what do you say we live in the moment. Concerts are a perfect place to do just that. Between workers hurrying artists or the phones we have glued to our faces, it can be tough to see what is right in front of us. Frankie Ballard took his time with his performance, he didn’t let others rush him. During the show, the “Southern Side” singer took it upon himself to remind them that it was his show and he would keep playing. After his acoustic show, he had meet & greets to do. Meet & greets are usually very fast-paced; you get a hello, picture and bye. Everyone is rushed and you see the artist for 5 seconds. Venue workers are repeatedly telling you to have your phone ready for your quick picture with the artist, while you’re waiting in line trying to figure out what you are going to say to the singer. Little do you know that conversation you have planned is going to be cut short by your own camera being put in your face to get you to smile so they can hurry more people in. After being hurried in line, you stepped in the back room where Ballard was standing greeting fans. He took his time with each person that walked into that room. He didn’t try to push you out when you wanted to talk. He stood there and had that little conversation with you. It’s the thought and intention that counts. Frankie Ballard is genuine, a class act. He is a gentleman in a world that is sadly losing sight of what actually makes a difference and matters. Ballard made it easier for fans to live in the moment during and after the show.

I wasn’t impressed with certain aspects of the whole ordeal, so it was solely a good time because of Mr. Frankie Ballard and his guitar player, Eddie Robertson. They were a lot of fun and treated each other like brothers. Ballard and Robertson were the nicest people at the venue. There were some things that weren’t handled or communicated very well and it was noticeable. That can be hard on bands performing, but Ballard did not let that interfere with him.

The “Sunshine & Whiskey” singer is a perfect mix of traditional country and rock. He is an old soul that knows how to reach people during his shows. I think Ballard’s shows must be similar to what country concerts were like back in the day.

I’m already looking for another Frankie Ballard concert to attend. Yall need to check him out if you haven’t already.



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