Kristian Bush – Sounds of Spring – 5.11.17

“Music should do one of 2 things. It should either make you shake your hips or open your heart.” -Kristian Bush

Music has a way of changing a person, what you listen to you become. This is only one of the reasons why you need to listen to Kristian Bush.

You might know Kristian Bush from the country duo, Sugarland. Bush made his debut as a solo artist in 2014 with the release “Trailer Hitch”. “Sing Along” is his newest single with a new album in the works.

Kristian Bush, a Knoxville native, put on a great show. Joining Bush was his brother, Brandon Bush, on the keys and his drummer, Kent Aberle. These guys are so down to earth and just seemed so happy to be there. The Bush’s and Aberle make fans know that they are seen and cared about.

The “Walk Tall” singer is set apart from other artists. Bush’s songs are filled with positivity and happiness. He is all about the simple life and staying true. Bush isn’t just an artist or an entertainer. He is a motivator. Kristian Bush is a great guy with music that is upbeat and encouraging. Attending his concert gave me a new outlook on everything in life. He’s refreshing. It’s not just his music but his attitude, his personality. His song “Giving It Up” is one of the best. It’s about getting rid of the bad things in your life, making changes that will make you better. It’s about deciding to make one change every day even if it’s the smallest things because like Bush says it all adds up. Everything starts small. It’s about never giving up.

The show took place at the annual Sounds of Spring in Knoxville, TN at Turkey Creek. The Sounds of Spring is a small festival that occurs Thursday nights during May. Upcoming acts include Seth Ennis and Jacob Davis.



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